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Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) Game Movie All Cutscenes Xbox One 1080p HD

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Grand Theft Auto 5 on next gen see’s slight improvements in the graphical department. The world and animations look sharper, although the difference is not drastic. Where this game really shines is it’s ability to play the entire game from a first person perspective. This is new for the Grand Theft Auto franchise, and truly changes the experience to something different. We decided that for cinematic purposes, we would use both the first person and third person views to switch it up. But we did all action parts in first person, and a good amount of the driving scenes. This game is just as good as it was last year. Adding first person might seem insignificant at first, but it really changes up the feel of the game, and can sometimes feel like you’re playing a brand new game. As always, we included important gameplay, relevant dialogue and all cutscenes to create one fluid viewing experience. If you enjoy, make sure to like, comment and share!

Gameplay by Fallen166
Edited by Knowledge

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Open GTA 5 Online Money Hack

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