Money Hack GTA 5

*NO CEO!* Money Glitch 1.40!**And New Dupe Detect** (GTA 5 Unlimited money Glitch 1.40)

Open GTA 5 Online Money Hack

NEW! NO CEO! GTA 5 Online Car Duplication Glitch Patch 1.40! In todays video I’ll be showing you guys how to do a new GTA 5 Online Money Glitch without needing a CEO building! Also we will be talking about possibly a new dupe detect system from Rockstar! (GTA 5 GunRunning DLC)

1) 2 friends
2) 10 car garage no apt. filled with 9 rh8 and 1 fully upgraded rh8 with custom plates
3) a second custom plate

1) 1st friend in his apt and he sends you invite to his apt
2) 2nd friend stands behind car in slot 1 (he stays in your garage until your done duping)
3) press right d-pad on vehicle menu
4) quickly move slot 1-2 then 3-4
5) quickly back out of vehicle menu
6) quickly pull up phone and accept the invite to friends apt
7) when you get to friends apt buy free rh8 and replace rh8 in slot 4
8) wait for it to get delivered
9) go back to garage change plate to a different custom plate before selling
(*TIP* you know it worked if your friend in your garage sees invisible cars after you leave and Elegy Rh8 upgraded still in slot 4)

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Open GTA 5 Online Money Hack

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